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Rules for Baggage Allowance


All baggage carried by passengers, including hand luggage, must be presented at check-in as prescribed by security requirements.

Passenger baggage accepted for carriage by the airline and secured under its responsibility must be labelled with a tag and transported in the baggage compartment of the aircraft; it is referred to as checked baggage.

Aeroflot applies the piece concept system for checked baggage on all own flights (according to the number of seats). The piece concept system is differentiated depending on the service class and/or type of applied fare.

Rules for Baggage Allowance

Service class /Fare group[1]

Checked baggage

(sum of three dimensions not exceeding 158 cm)

Hand luggage 

(sum of three dimensions not exceeding 115 cm)

Business Class – all fare groups

2 pieces not exceeding 32 kg each

1 piece not exceeding 15 kg

Comfort Class – all fare groups

2 pieces not exceeding 23 kg each

1 piece not exceeding 10 kg

Economy Class – Premium fare groups

2 pieces not exceeding 23 kg each

1 piece not exceeding 10 kg

Economy Class – all remaining fare groups

1 piece not exceeding 23 kg

1 piece not exceeding 10 kg

[1] If you want to check your fare in relation to Aeroflot’s fare groups, please refer to the section on  Fare Rules .

If the total weight of passenger baggage, including hand luggage, does not exceed 10 kg, the number of checked pieces of free baggage is not limited.

These checked baggage allowance norms shall be valid for the entire route in each direction, from the point of baggage check-in to the point of destination, or to the first stopover point lasting more than 24 hours, provided that all the flights are operated by Aeroflot.

The airline may impose rules for baggage carriage on flights operated by partners according to agreements on joint flight operation. If other carriers besides Aeroflot are involved in carriage, including flights operated jointly with other airlines, the rules of the dominant carrier on the route shall be taken into account (Additional information is available by contacting the Contact Centre).

Flights operated jointly with Aurora and Rossiya Airlines are subject to the baggage rules imposed for Aeroflot flights.

Exception: on joint flights routes operated by Aurora Airlines: SU3630-3639, SU4526-4545, SU4591-4629, one piece of baggage may be carried free of charge for all fare groups.

If for the flight route separate tickets are issued, checked baggage allowance rules for each leg shall correspond to checked baggage allowance rules indicated on the tickets.

Children from 2 to 12 years of age are entitled to the same checked baggage allowance as adult passengers.

Lap infants up to two years of age (with no separate reserved seat) are allowed one piece of checked baggage weighing up to 10 kg and with the sum of three dimensions not exceeding 115 cm, regardless of the service class.

Special baggage allowance norms for checked baggage

Carriage category


Baggage allowance


Economy Class (all fare groups) 

Carriage to/from Delhi/Beijing/Shanghai

Air carriage to/from Hanoi/Ho Chi Minh[2]

Carriage between Tel Aviv and New York, Washington

Carriage of sea ship crews

2 pieces

Business and Economy Classes (all fare groups)

Carriage between Tokyo and Moscow/Saint Petersburg

   Economy Class - 2 pieces
   Business Class - 3 pieces

Platinum, Gold and Silver levels members

of the Aeroflot Bonus Program

and other Sky Team Alliance frequent flyer programs.

All destinations

Additional baggage allowance:

two pieces for Platinum level members of the Aeroflot Bonus Program;

one piece for Gold and Silver levels members of the Aeroflot Bonus Program;

one piece for Elite and Elite Plus levels members of the SkyTeam Alliance Frequent Flyer Program

[2] Valid for tickets purchased from July 14, 2017 to March 24, 2018 for air carriage from October 30, 2017 to March 24, 2018.


Additional information is available by contacting the Contact Centre.